Ethical Trading Policy and Modern Slavery Act

Lightsure Solar Limited – Ethical Trading Policy


Ethical Trading Policy and Modern Slavery Act

Lightsure Solar Limited, trading as Solarsure is completely dedicated to operating responsibly across all business by making always taking full consideration of social, economic and environmental factors in its decisions and processes. We strive to maintain a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain, sourcing globally and ensuring our suppliers also share our own company values philosophy and objectives.

Solarsure values underpin everything it achieves. All our people and teams matter, the well-being of our employees is vital and we will always build on these to ensure successful and honesty for contractors, service providers and suppliers to ensure continuity of the fundamental principles of our Ethical Trading Policy.

This Ethical Trading Policy outlines our commitments and processes we require from all our product suppliers to demonstrate compliance and good practices through our supply chain. Our suppliers are independently inspected at our cost to confirm manufacturing standards, compliance and good working practises which are within scope of our Ethical Trading Policy. Our teams regularly visit suppliers and measure work process flows, sustainability, and consequences of any implemented improvements.

The Solarsure Ethical Trading Policy uses as a benchmark and reference the UK Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code whose policies are also linked to policies and directives from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards. This includes the key principles:-

• Employees freely choose to work

• Employees have a right to collective bargaining and freedom of association

• Employers provide safe and hygienic working environment

• Child labour is unacceptable

• Employees are paid a living wage

• Working hours are always fair and reasonable

• Discrimination is neither acceptable nor practised

• Regular Employment is available and prioritised

• Harsh or inhumane treatment of employees is not accepted

Solarsure always maintains a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, which is reflected in our policies and controls on Ethical Trading throughout our product supply chain.

This policy is always under review to ensure continuous improvements can flourish.

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