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Solarsure is a leading UK based supplier of Solar LED lighting with a product range for a variety of outdoor lighting needs. Through its sister business and owners it has been at the forefront of LED Lighting for over 10 years and built its reputation for product quality, expertise, customer commitment and sheer enthusiasm across both its corporate and consumer client base. From international food manufacturers, working 24/7 every day to High Street branded retail, dining and global fast food oulets, its LED lighting has delivered continuously whether it be in the United Kingdom, Europe or Middle East and Africa. These benefits have paid for themselves many times over by energy reductions, reliability and long life maintenance avoidance, taxation savings as well as indirect savings from reduced heat generation.

With all this knowledge, combined with constant evolution of the technology and the maturing reliability of LED, the opportunity to harness natural energy using emerging solar generation has become a reality. Solar energy has meant that external lighting ,even in the United Kingdom, could be merged to create lighting without the need for power supply connections.

The cost savings of not having ground work costs, specialist cabling and equipment nor any unsightly, inconvenient path/site disturbances is a winning formula. Lights can be installed anywhere, literally overnight and for the first time can be placed where never before considered possible.

Ongoing cost savings combined with increased safety, visibility and security are just a few of the benefits of Solar lighting. In addition, they reduce pressure on the energy supply grid, carbon footprint and therefore on our environment. These are all attractions and key benefits of solar energy.

Our Products are constantly being developed with exciting new types and designs already being tested and showcased by well-known corporate clients. These products are now available here at

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