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Welcome to SolarSure – your only place to purchase the latest in lighting technology. Feel free to browse our web site and even contact us should you have any queries.

Our range of solar lights use natural renewable energy sources, installation is quicker and cheaper, they cost less to repair
and maintain and have a longer service life than traditional electricity powered lights.

In addition to sustainability and easy deployment and use the financial benefits are massive. With constant improvements to LED technology, Battery performance and PV Panels over the past decade it is now readily possible for even the UK weather to generate viable solar powered lighting solutions.

An investment in SolarSure lighting is truly worthwhile and will generate huge savings into the future with no harmful effects to our planet resources

Did you know?

The amount of sunshine that hits the Earth’s
surface in just one hour is enough to supply the global energy consumption for an entire year. By covering a land area about the size of Spain with solar panels, the energy generated would be enough to power the whole world!

Solar Park

Streetlights are in every corner of our roads. They are a very important source of lighting during darkness. As technology is continually advancing so are the lighting products available. Solar powered lighting is now becoming more accessible and viable both in cost and benefit terms for many users whether business, social or consumer use.

Solarsure lighting is perfect for illuminating Car parks, Private roads and drives tracks/paths/walkways, courtyards, gardens, or any dark space where power supply is either impractical or not available.

Make your unlit areas more secure and accessible for you and others during darkness.

We have designed our solar lights to have modern and attractive designs that will improve the landscape of any outdoor space.
Solarsure lights are solar powered by 100% renewable energy source, sunlight. Solar lights are perfect for those who are genuinely concerned for our environment and are looking for a reliable source of light during the night proving illumination without production of harmful effects to our environment.

Solar lights rely on sunlight for their operation. They harness the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity which the light fitting uses to operate during darkness.

Solar lights have solar panels or photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells efficiently capture and convert sunlight into energy.

During daylight, these photovoltaic cells harvest energy from the sun and stores it in the battery integrated into the light fitting.

Solar lights usually have a light sensor which will detect the presence and absence of light. This feature enables Solarsure lights to automatically switch on at night and off at dawn and therefore charges itself during daylight hours. Most of our solar lights also have integrated motion sensors which enables light to illuminate and/or brighten when it detects movement, dimming once inactivity and delay time is completed.

Solarsure lights work best with direct sunlight, however they also work perfectly well if the weather is either sunny or overcast. The charging efficiency is faster in direct sunlight so maximum illumination time can be affected where not fully charged. We always allow for a minimum 2-3 nights usage per charge allowing for times when direct sunlight is not present due to cloudier conditions.

Solar lights are very useful in providing a reliable bright light to illuminate streets and paths at night. They offer additional security, help avoid unwanted accidents, and in general simply provide convenience for movement outdoors during night times.

In addition to the added illumination that they offer, there are other advantages of solar lighting products that will justify consideration of purchasing solar lights whether for car parks, tracks/paths/walkways, courtyards, gardens, or any dark spaces.

One obvious advantage of solar lighting is that it is purely a solar-powered product. It is not harmful to the environment and allows you to go off grid. Solar-powered products are made for convenience especially in areas where the power grid does not offer any access or even stable power supply/service. This means that in areas without traditional electricity supplies, you can still enjoy lighting if the solar lights can charge during day light.

Solar lights energy source is available throughout the year. If there is some sun, there is no downtime and during times of the year when sunlight is not abundant, solar lights will still absorb some solar energy and produce light at night.

Solar lights are powered by the sun’s energy, so these products are very cost-effective. They will not add any costs to your electricity charges. Even the maintenance of these solar lights is minimal. There is also no need to purchase and install expensive underground or external cabling supplies. This means they can be installed immediately with minimal disruption or construction.

Solarsure lights are very easy to install and most include multiple fitment options, e.g. Pole top, pole mount, and/or wall mount. Furthermore, because these lights do not require wiring or electrical installation, they are intrinsically safer while also not requiring expensive electrical trades for installation.

Another advantage of Solarsure lights are the light sensor and automatic on/off features. The lights work on their own without need of manual or timed switching. They turn on, off and charge all on their own. They are best installed where the lights solar panel can see direct sunlight as this will optimise charging efficiency and help ensure the lights are ready to go when light is required.

Do these lights come with a pole?

Solarsure lights don’t come with a pole, but poles are readily available at many local resellers. Most of our versions can be wall mounted as an additional installation option

Do these lights automatically come on?

Yes,  Solarsure lights have light sensors which ensure they come on automatically at night, making it more convenient to use them. However, many of our products are programmable or include smart options allowing manual override of the automatic settings.

Can the light be mounted to a tree?

This is not advisable as the PV panel is unlikely to absorb sufficient sunlight if shaded.  It should always be installed in a manner where it can receive the maximum sunlight possible and charge the internal battery.

How long does the battery last?

Replacement of batteries varies from one battery type or make to another. Batteries vary by capacity and charge rates while ambient conditions also affect performance. Recharge cycles will therefore also vary. A healthy battery when fully charged should give approximately 2 -3 days use between charges but this will vary with prevailing conditions.

Are solar streetlight’s batteries replaceable?

Yes, they are replaceable, so when it requires change the actual lighting fittings remain perfectly viable and usable.

What is the warranty?

Solarsure lights come with either three or five years of warranty. Batteries are generally covered for 12 months up to five years dependent on version.

How to install and use?

Solarsure lights include installation instructions while more comprehensive installation is available for download from our website once you have registered. This includes product data sheets, installation guides and even specialist data files for professional lighting plots in CAD systems.

How to care & maintain?

There is no special maintenance needed for most of these products because they are purpose designed and made to be weatherproof and resistant. Once installed they will work for a long time as they are manufactured using materials tested and designed to resist corrosion and water ingress even with exposure to the elements. We would recommend an annual gentle wipe or wash over to maintain finish and ensure best reflectance from the PV panel.

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